Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist Brisbane

Dr Robert Watson MBBS, FRANZCOG

North West Medical Centre

125 Flockton St
Everton Park, QLD 4053
Telephone: 07 3353 4710
Fax: 07 3353 1258
Email: reception@drbobwatson.com.au
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Will Dr Watson deliver my baby?

  • When you come into labour the midwife will notify Dr Watson. He will usually see you during your labour.
  • He will be called  before any strong pain relief such as Pethidine is given. He will arrange an epidural if necessary.
  • He will be present in the labour ward and physically deliver your baby - with a few exeptions.
  • Dr Watson is on call from 6am Monday to 6pm Friday. He shares weekends on call with Dr Darcy-Evans, Dr Min Kho, Dr Bajra, and Dr Sheahan. On Dr Watson's weekends off another doctor will take over your care.
  • Dr Watson's holidays and conference leave is published 9 months in advance on the notice board in the office. You will be notified of his locum. It is reasonable to change to another doctor if you are likely to deliver when Dr Watson is away.

Will I have a Caesarean Section?
Unless there is a good reason Dr Watson usually plans to deliver every baby naturally. A caesarean will often be recommended if a woman has had a caesarean previously, breech presentation, high blood pressure or an exceptionally large baby.

Can I request an Elective Caesarean?
Yes - This can be discussed.

What happens if my baby is premature?
North West Hospital is equipped to care for babies over 33 weeks gestation. If you come into labour before then Dr Watson will endeavour to continue your care as a private patient at The Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital. Sometimes it is safer to hand your care over to an obstetrician who is based full time at the RBWH.

What do I do if I have a sore throat, cough, urinary infection, thrush or other general sickness.
If it is not related to your pregnancy please see your GP or the Emergency Centre at the Holy Spirit Hospital on 07 3326 3320.

What is the pupose of the Planning and Management Fee?
Payable at 28 weeks, this is to cover the cost of being on call throughout the pregnancy and a detailed discussion of the final stages of your pregnancy.