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IVF Agonist Cycle

IVF Agonist Cycle


Firstly attend a one hour interview with the QFG coordinator (Kris and Vanessa) and ensure that you fully understand the risks, success rate and costs of this procedure. Discuss with Dr Watson how many embryos you would like to have put back and consider whether you agree with embryo freezing. Following this appointment, we ask that you read, sign and return the consent forms.

Screening blood tests are necessary for blood borne infections for you and your partner. These can be collected at Dr Watson’s office from 7.00am to 9.00am, Monday to Friday.

Commence Synarel on Day 21 of the cycle before your treatment cycle. Use one puff twice per day and continue this until 48 hours before the egg pick-up. A menstrual period should arrive when it is expected. If your menstrual cycle is late by seven days please contact the office 07 3353 4710 for instructions.

Day 2-3

  • Attend Dr Watson’s office for a scan;
  • Commence daily FSH injections;
  • Continue twice daily Synarel nasal spray.

Day 9-10

  • Have a blood test to check your response to the FSH injections;
  • Ring 07 3353 4710 at 3.00pm to check any changes to your dose of FSH.

Day 10-12
Attend my office for an ultrasound scan in order to check follicular development and egg production. Further scans and blood tests may be necessary.

Day 13-17

  • Attend for a final scan. The egg pick-up is booked under a general anaesthetic in theatre;
  • Cease FSH and Synarel;
  • 36 hours before the egg pick-up, the HCG injection is administered. This is a very important injection and the timing must be precise. The Trigger injection is given subcutaneously.

Day 15/18
Transvaginal Egg Pick-Up

  • This is performed and a general anaesthetic will be used.
  • Your partner will need to produce his sperm specimen around the time of the egg pick-up, either at home or in the dedicated room in the North West Medical Centre.
  • Allow two-three days off work from this date.
  • Vanessa or Kris will ring you at midday on the day after your egg pick up to discuss fertilisation.
  • Commence progesterone pessaries twice per day
  • Phone the Lab on 38323279 3 days after for an update.

Day 17-20
Embryo Transfer

  • Five days after the egg pick-up, return to hospital for an embryo transfer. This is performed in the operating theatre, and you will be awake. A general anaesthetic will not usually be necessary. You will be able to leave the hospital shortly after the transfer.
  • Continue Progesterone pessaries twice per day for two weeks.

Embryo Freezing
You will be advised as to whether excess embryos were suitable for freezing for use in a later cycle. The QFG laboratory can be contacted with any concerns related to embryo freezing.

16 days post egg pick-up

  • Attend the office for a serum pregnancy test.
  • If pregnant, continue the Progesterone supplements for another four weeks. Arrange an ultrasound for three weeks after the positive blood test.
  • If the cycle has been unsuccessful, have one month with no drugs or treatment. Then ring to discuss the future options including frozen embryo transfer.  A Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle usually requires no drug therapy. Please attend the clinic on Day 10 for an ultrasound.

You can download our FAQs fact sheet here.

If there are any concerns, please contact Dr Watson’s office on 07 3353 4710. Dr Watson is available by phone 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Weekends are covered by an on call roster of Obstetricians that will attend to your concerns. Kris or Vanessa can be contacted Monday to Friday, please call 07 3353 4710 or email northwest@qfg.com.au.