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Intrauterine Insemination

Ovulation Induction

  • Most often, Clomiphene 50mg taken from days 2 - 6 of your menstrual cycle is the most basic means of inducing extra egg production. The complications of Clomiphene are: mild hot flushes, multiple pregancy (7%) and ovarian cysts (rare).
  • We define day 1 as the first day that you wake up with a period.
  • Stronger doses of Clomiphene or additional drugs may be necessary in subsequent menstrual cycles if ovulation is sub-optimal with Clomiphene.

Follicle Monitoring

  • As soon as your period starts make an appointment to see Dr Watson for an ultrasound scan on day 10 or day 11 of your menstrual cycle..
  • After the scan you will need to have bood tests for 3-4 days to look for a surge in the LH hormone.
  • The egg is released 36 hours after the LH surge. Intrauterine insemination is performed the day after your LH test is positive
  • Please note, that unless otherwise advised there should be no sexual abstinence.

Intrauterine Insemination

  • For donor sperm - the specimen is stored ready for use at the NWMC or :-
  • Your partner should produce his semen specimen at home the morning after the positive urine LH test. 
  • This should be delivered to Queensland Fertility Group at 7.00am for the sperm wash.
  • The specimen must be less than two hours old.
  • You will need to deliver the specimen to QFG at 55 Little Edward St, Level 2 Boundary Court, Spring Hill (map), every morning at 7.00am, seven days a week. 
  • The sperm wash may take up to 1 hour
  • You will then need to see Dr Watson at the North West Medical Centre for intrauterine insemination, usually around 8.15am.
  • You may experience mild cramps following the insemination for one or two hours. You can continue normal daily activities that day.

After Intrauterine Insemination

  • Wait two weeks and perform a home urine pregnancy test.
  • If the test is negative or a period occurs, then repeat the above protocol. Sometimes the dose of Clomiphene is altered or additional drugs (FSH Injections) may be added.
  • We usually undertake three to four intrauterine insemination cycles before moving on to more advanced infertility treatments.

The success rate for intrauterine insemination is around 10% greater than your natural fertility.

If there are any concerns, please contact Dr Watson’s office on 07 3353 4710. Dr Watson is available by phone 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Weekends are covered by an on call roster of Obstetricians that will attend to your concerns. Kris Kersley can be contacted Monday to Friday, please call 07 3353 4710 or email kris.kersley@qfg.com.au

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