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Intrauterine Insemination With FSH Stimulation (Modified Cycle)

Ovulation Induction

  • We ask that you register with QFG for your treatment and forms can be collected from Kris Kersley. 
  • From day 2-6 of your cycle we recommend you take 50mg of Clomiphene. You can read more about infertility treatment with Clomiphene here.
  • You will need book a scan on day 7 or 8 and following this scan you can commence daily home FSH injections.
  • There is no need to abstain from intercourse during this time.
  • Once one or two follicles of approx. 18mm are seen by Dr Watson, ovulation is induced with a HCG trigger injection.
  • On the day of insemination your partner should produce a semen sample in the jar provided. You will need to take this to North West Laboratory at North West Medical Centre or QFG Main Office, 55 Little Edward Street, Level 2 Boundary Court, Spring Hill. The specimen must be less than 2 hours old when given to the labs.
  • You will need to insert one Progesterone pessary nightly into the vagina the night after insemination.
  • If unsuccessful expect a period about 2 weeks after insemination. If in doubt perform a home urine preg test or blood test through QFG. We have typically seen a 10-20% success rate with a multiple pregnancy rate of 20%. If your pregnancy test is positive, continue the progesterone pessaries.

Kris Kersley can be contacted Monday to Friday, please call 07 3353 4710 or email kris.kersley@qfg.com.au

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