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Dr Robert Watson MBBS, FRANZCOG

North West Medical Centre

125 Flockton St
Everton Park, QLD 4053
Telephone: 07 3353 4710
Fax: 07 3353 1258
Email: reception@drbobwatson.com.au
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my period is due at the time of my consultation or operation?
Mostly this is not a problem.

Will I need a general anaesthetic for insertion of my Mirena?
Usually not. If you would prefer a general anaesthetic, for example if you have never had children or never dilated your cervix in labour (i.e. you have had elective caesareans before the onset of labour) a general anesthetic can be easily arranged.

When can I drive after my surgery?

It is safe and legal to drive when you are able to comfortably able to sit behind the wheel and reasonably operate the brakes etc.

When do I return for my post-operative visit?
For most procedures this is six weeks.

What does it mean if my operation scar is discharging after my operation?
It is normal to get some clear discharge from an abdominal incision for some weeks after your procedure. Often the stitches under the skin are slow to dissolve and are prickly. You should report redness around the wound, increasing pain or a temperature. It is handy to have a thermometer to check your temperature after your operation